1. Start Here
  2. How to Write a Paper
  3. Article One: GOD
  4. Article Two: The Bible
  5. Article Three: The Human Condition
  6. Article Four: Jesus Christ
  7. Article Five: The Work of Christ
  8. Article Six: The Holy Spirit
  9. Article Seven: The Church
  10. Article Eight: Christian Living
  11. Article Nine: Christ’s Return
  12. Article Ten: Response & Eternal Destiny
  13. Current Doctrinal Issues
  14. Issues Related to Lifestyle
  15. Appendix, Credentialing Information

Theological training for everybody

A proven way to become grounded in the EFCA’s core doctrine

Challenging and deeply rewarding courses of facilitated study

GATEWAY cohorts are designed to deepen your theological understanding and better prepare you for leadership in your ministry context. Offered in English and Spanish, in-person and online, our low-cost cohorts are open to men and women of all ethnicities and backgrounds.



Our flagship offering, GATEWAY Phase I cohorts are facilitated by an EFCA-credentialed leader and typically meet for 2-3 hours each month. Comprised of 12 sessions, the full Phase I course generally takes 12-14 months to complete. Each session is based on an article of the EFCA’s Statement of Faith, with two additional sessions on current doctrinal issues and personal lifestyle – the statement of faith is a declaration of essential doctrine, focused on the gospel, around which the autonomous churches of the EFCA are united. Between sessions, you will read and study theological texts and write short papers on the content. During sessions, your cohort will provide one another with feedback and encouragement on each person’s writing, which you’ll then use to revise your paper, refining the expression of your beliefs. This cycle of “reading-writing-discussing-rewriting” strengthens your writing and solidifies your learning. We expect preparation for each session’s content to take 10-15 hours to complete. The full year of GATEWAY Phase I’s training costs just a few hundred dollars to participate in.

Interested in an EFCA Ministry License?

GATEWAY Phase I is designed to help you meet the written requirement for the EFCA’s Ministry License, but please note that completing GATEWAY does not guarantee that you will qualify for a ministry credential as the full application process includes additional requirements. For more information on EFCA credentialing requirements and processes, visit EFCA Credentialing.


Other GATEWAY Offerings

In addition to Phase I, GATEWAY offers the following courses:

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Equipping leaders

GATEWAY began in 2007 training people in Spanish and English. Since then, it’s become a widely adapted pathway for church-based theological training; more than 1,500 students have participated, and many students continue on to earn an EFCA ministry credential.

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