1. Start Here
  2. How to Write a Paper
  3. Article One: GOD
  4. Article Two: The Bible
  5. Article Three: The Human Condition
  6. Article Four: Jesus Christ
  7. Article Five: The Work of Christ
  8. Article Six: The Holy Spirit
  9. Article Seven: The Church
  10. Article Eight: Christian Living
  11. Article Nine: Christ’s Return
  12. Article Ten: Response & Eternal Destiny
  13. Current Doctrinal Issues
  14. Issues Related to Lifestyle
  15. Appendix, Credentialing Information

Theological training for everybody

One of the proven ways to become grounded in EFCA’s core doctrinal truths

A challenging and deeply rewarding course of facilitated study

GATEWAY is open to men and women of all ethnicities and backgrounds. It will deepen your theological understanding and prepare you for leadership in EFCA churches.

In GATEWAY Phase I: You will be part of a class that meets regularly with your facilitator. Between class meetings, you will read, study and write papers on your own. At class, you will give feedback and encouragement to your classmates and receive it from them; this will help strengthen the accuracy and clarity of your written documents on each of the articles of the EFCA’s Statement of Faith and other key issues. This class is available in English and Spanish.

In addition to Phase I, GATEWAY offers a Phase II course, GATEWAY Bible Institute (Spanish only), GATEWAY Leadership Institute (Spanish only), and Hispanic Bootcamp (Spanish only).

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Equipping leaders

GATEWAY began in 2006 training people in Spanish and English. Since then, it’s become a widely adapted pathway for church-based theological training; more than 1,500 students have participated, and some students continue on to earn ministry credentials.

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