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  2. How to Write a Paper
  3. Article One: GOD
  4. Article Two: The Bible
  5. Article Three: The Human Condition
  6. Article Four: Jesus Christ
  7. Article Five: The Work of Christ
  8. Article Six: The Holy Spirit
  9. Article Seven: The Church
  10. Article Eight: Christian Living
  11. Article Nine: Christ’s Return
  12. Article Ten: Response & Eternal Destiny
  13. Current Doctrinal Issues
  14. Issues Related to Lifestyle
  15. Appendix, Credentialing Information



EFCA GATEWAY has a partnership with TUMI (The Urban Ministry Institute) and uses 10 of their Capstone Curriculum modules plus 2 modules developed by GATEWAY.

What is the schedule like?

Generally, students meet with the facilitator once a month for approximately 6 hours. Classes cover 2 lessons per month (a TUMI module consists of 4 lessons). The class combines video lectures, live lectures, discussion and active participation.

What is a module?

Each module contains 4 lessons. The modules are grouped into 4 categories: Biblical Studies, Theology & Ethics, Christian Mission and Urban Ministry. The student reads, listens, interacts and writes two papers for every module.

When can I enter EFCA GATEWAY Phase II?

Students who have successfully completed EFCA GATEWAY Phase I qualify for EFCA GATEWAY Phase II when it is offered in their district. Other students may enter if they receive permission from the director of the EFCA GATEWAY location. For example, someone who has previous education and ministry experience in the EFCA would not necessarily need to take EFCA GATEWAY Phase I.

What is the cost?

Cost depends on the on the EFCA district in which you are located and includes registration and the student workbook. Additional texts are also required. The cost variable is dependent upon how each location is organized, whether or not scholarships are offered or if facilitators receive compensation. Districts are charged for the facilitator manuals and are the property of the district (not the facilitator) for future use in the district by other facilitators.

Will this qualify me for a license or ordination?

Obtaining a certificate from EFCA GATEWAY is NOT a license or ordination in the EFCA. EFCA GATEWAY is an educational center. Before a license or ordination in the EFCA may be obtained the applicant must apply to the regional EFCA District. EFCA GATEWAY is not a requirement for licensing or ordination. It is a pathway to develop proficiency (license) and mastery (ordination) of the biblical, theological and practical knowledge someone would need to be prepared for ministry. Papers from EFCA GATEWAY Phase I can be combined to create a licensing paper (doctrinal section of 15 pages, one hour interview), and along with work in EFCA GATEWAY Phase II, for an ordination paper (doctrinal section of 30-32 pages, longer interview).

Who will teach?

EFCA GATEWAY Phase I and Phase II classes are facilitated by EFCA credentialed pastors who live in or near the area where the classes will be held and who have been selected by the EFCA GATEWAY Director to facilitate the class.

Do I need to be EFCA?

You do not need to be EFCA, but you will need to approach your own church or denomination to see how they will receive EFCA GATEWAY training. EFCA GATEWAY I is based on the EFCA Statement of Faith, and EFCA GATEWAY Phase II is broader theological training, and not specifically focused on the EFCA.

How do I apply for a license or ordination?

Licensing and ordination start at the district level, so you will need to contact your EFCA District Office. Important information about EFCA credentialing can be found on the EFCA website.

For more information contact: gateway@efca.org