1. Start Here
  2. How to Write a Paper
  3. Article One: GOD
  4. Article Two: The Bible
  5. Article Three: The Human Condition
  6. Article Four: Jesus Christ
  7. Article Five: The Work of Christ
  8. Article Six: The Holy Spirit
  9. Article Seven: The Church
  10. Article Eight: Christian Living
  11. Article Nine: Christ’s Return
  12. Article Ten: Response & Eternal Destiny
  13. Current Doctrinal Issues
  14. Issues Related to Lifestyle
  15. Appendix, Credentialing Information

Become a Student

A new GATEWAY cohort can begin when a facilitator and is paired with a student group that desires training. Students often come from within the facilitator’s community, but GATEWAY also maintains a waitlist of students that are interested in joining a cohort. Most cohorts contain 4-8 students. Facilitators must hold an EFCA ministry credential.

If there are no immediate GATEWAY cohorts that you can join you will be added to our waitlist and contacted once a cohort becomes available. Local pastors usually facilitate GATEWAY cohorts within their own churches and some groups meet via video conference.

If you know of anyone that may want to take a course with you, send them this interest form as well!